“…the short fiction pieces inside [Beta Decay] remind me of all the random pulp novels I used to bring with me on the week-long family vacation down the shore. Except stranger and more ominous, and neatly within the treatment one could imagine given to summer Hollywood movie releases, but the kind you leave the theater feeling strangely bereft and wondering if a milkshake at the diner after is really going to bring you back to earth.” – Metropolarity.net

Beta Decay House is a publisher and supplier of strange fiction. Interests include whaling crews, geography, parallel universes, apocryphal maps, the age of exploration, terra nullis, shipwrecks, doppelgangers, disappearances, the importance of names, human survival & endurance, the future of physics, undiscovered elements, dwindling earth resources, and so on. Beta Decay is an amateur sci-fi and weird tales fiction zine published sporadically.

Please direct all queries, comments, and concerns to betadecayhouse AT gmail DOT com.


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